ZQI 9mm 124gr. Black Steel Case FMJ – Case (1,000 rds.)

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These cases are black-plated to a smooth finish for optimal feeding and corrosion resistance.

Limited offering.

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Bullet Weight: 124 gr
Powder Type: Smokeless
Bullet Jacket Material: Brass
Bullet Core Material: Lead-antimony alloy
Case Material: Steel
Primer Type: Boxer
Average Velocity: 1075 FPS

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 6 in

2 reviews for ZQI 9mm 124gr. Black Steel Case FMJ – Case (1,000 rds.)

  1. WSC JR (verified owner)

    Ordering process was easy, confirmation and payment processing was prompt. My order arrived in a very, very timely manner (particularly given the current state of affairs to receive anything ordered online today) and as promised.

    The ammunition has produced no concerns to date (as used personally or for my students). The Black Steel Casing is unique.

    I wish you produced other calibers for purchase too, given the quality.

  2. Alex R

    I was so pleased with this ammo i ordered a second case. The cases were tumbled and polished to a mirror finish so they loaded in to my m&p 17 and 30 round magazines just as smoothly as brass. No binding or sluggish feeding as is common with steel cases. Cycled reliably in both the m&p9 and 16″ blowback PCC. Hopefully ZQI will keep this product around so i can keep coming back for more.

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